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March Kindness!

To help everyone get through the last few months of lockdown, your SHJLD hosted a random ‘Act of Kindness’ month throughout March. For our 'Act of Kindness' we selected two SHJLD members at random to receive a surprise.

David Middleton and Laura Clark were chosen to receive a gift voucher and a box of chocolates. Congratulations David and Laura!

We have plenty more 'Acts of Kindness' to share too! Our sponsors and local law firms have supported our act of kindness month by kindly donating vouchers. Please check posts on social media and T&Cs on our website for more details on how to win!

Our aim is to encourage and keep sharing kindness throughout the month of March, as we recognise how invaluable acts of kindness can make others feel!

We look forward to seeing you sharing your kindness #MarchKindessSHJLD

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